"Francine would have made a great detective: She tracked down who probably painted two ancestors around 1800 and followed up even after the appraisal.  She also identified what needed her appraisal (and) gave us oral comments on what (did) not.  It was an excellent appraisal and an educational experience.  Full marks!"
T. & L. C., Great Falls, VA

"Mrs. Proulx probes until she finds the answers.  Her documentation is detailed. Her resources extend to experts around the globe.  I know of no better appraiser."
C.S.B., Louisville, KY

"Francine Proulx provided detailed, accurate assessment of my mother's estate.  She did careful research and presented her findings in a timely manner - responsive to our estate needs.  She has a broad, expert knowledge of collectibles and antiques."
P.A., Alexandria, VA

"Francine helped us identify what needed to be appraised...and then took care to research and investigate each artist.  We were very pleased with the resulting document which was authoritative and finely detailed."                 
J. & V. A., Reston, VA

"Francine is knowledgeable,thorough and professional and a pleasure to deal with.  I greatly appreciated her ability to provide insights and assistance above and beyond the basic services required." 
H.V., Eugene, OR

"Francine's report was comprehensive and included a general market analysis which we found very educational.  Her report was completed when promised and was readily accepted by our insurance company."                                             
P.C., Vienna, VA